Free sound measurement app for mobile devices



Since September 2012 is the sound measurement app available that can be operated in a simple manner from the smartphone or tablet from. More than 30,000 times the tool has been downloaded worldwide. The international success results in addition to ease of use, especially in the additional availability in English. Particularly positively assessed the ease of use, the archive function and the accuracy of measurements.


The following functions includes the sound measurement app:


  measurement in third octave band, performing measurements of any length


  display of measurement in real time with calculating the total levels
     during measurement


  optimization of the measurement results by connecting an external microphone
     higher accuracy class


  display of measurement results as a graph and in tabular form to the
     individual frequencies


  Save results in the archives, where they at any time
     can be accessed


  Export data via email in CSV format and as a PDF file, for direct Further processing



The KW Schallmessapp for Android:

Download here for free in the Google Play Store.


or for iPhone and iPad:
Download here for free in the Apple Store.