Chimney Fan INJEKT

The problem


Unfavourable weather conditions, inappropriate positioning of the chimney, a cold flue gas system when starting combustion or an incorrectly designed flue gas system can cause draught problems in the chimney. This means that the flue gases are not evacuated properly which has negative effects on the operation safety of the flue gas system and the fireplace.

The solution


When the natural draught is too weak, the chimney fan INJEKT ensures a reliable and optimal draught in the chimney. Flue gas systems and chimneys have to be designed in such a way that the negative pressure always maintains the level necessary for a safe flue gas evacuation. This makes the INJEKT a safety component that in case of draught problems can be approved by your local building control.

Mode of operation


The chimney fan INJEKT is installed on the chimney outlet and creates a safe draught in the chimney with its electric fan. A special aspect of the INJEKT is the external technology. The INJEKT takes advantage of the draught-related laws of physics to place all mechanical and electric components outside the cross-section of the chimney.

As a result there are four major advantages


✔  The cross-section is always freely accessible for the chimney sweep.

✔  The fan and electric components are not in contact with aggressive and hot

     flue gasses. This means that the chimney fan needs a little maintenance.

✔  The cross-section of the chimney is always free - even during power failures.

✔  If the natural chimney draught is sufficient and the INJEKT is not needed,

     it can be switched off. There is no risk of damage. This is also saves

     electric energy.

Field of application


The chimney fan INJEKT is especially suited for draught-sensitive solid fuels, e.g.: wood, pellets, wood chips, etc. In combination with the stove regulator it is an effective component within the regulation system to decrease emissions and increase operation safety. In the case of oil and gas fireplaces, the chimney fan INJEKT can solve draught problems caused by technical difficulties or weather conditions. Please contact our sales engineers for further information.

The control


The torque of the chimney fan INJEKT is continuously variable.


This allows for individually creating the necessary draught (e.g. high draught for heating up, low draught for embers). The regulation can be carried out manually or automatically. An optional speed controller (RS-REG) that is installed close to the fireplace is used for manual regulation. As a component of the KW stove regulator it is controlled automatically and only switched on when needed - with the optimum torque for the current combustion phase.


For maintenance work by the chimney sweep, the chimney fan INJEKT can be switched off by using a service switch that has to be installed on-site where the cleaning takes place. The chimney fan INJEKT also has a low energy consumption because it is only switched on when necessary.

The installation


Due to the compact dimensions as well as the light weight it can easily be installed on the outlet of all conventional and metallic flue gas systems.

Available with variour surfaces

RS-180 (Stainless steel black powder-coated)
RS-180 ES (Stainless steel plain)
RS-180 ESP (Stainless steel electro-polished/shiny)
Optimal train in the chimney
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For reliable and optimum Pressure in the chimney.