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With our products for energy and flue gas technology, we help our customers to make their systems safe, energy efficient and comfortable.


The requirements of environmental sustainability, cost efficiency and functionality are constantly changing and we can meet these challenges with you. This is the goal of our company.


Our company has been focused on innovation for 80 years and we have worked with leading partners in science and research to develop and implement these innovations. Kutzner + Weber´s high-scale products and solution-oriented concepts impress their customers arount the world.


We understand "good value" as a standard for our components and therefore focus on quality, efficiency and durability.


Discover new possibilities for your product and service range. 


Here you will find trend-setting solutions such as the innovative chimney fan DIAJEKT, the first draught regulator for outside, the motor-driven double flaps or the new synthetic silencers.


Be inspired!


Rolf Wagenfeld,

Managing director of Kutzner + Weber GmbH