"Our primary objective is to have satisfied customers who can have confidence in our abilities and who derive satisfaction from the ease with which they can use all of our products. Everything we do and aspire to is guided by this maxim, the desire to create products which the market needs and which satisfy our customers' justified demands for quality." This quote, taken from the introduction to our QM Manual, has been taken by Kutzner + Weber GmbH to embody the principle that guides all our corporate actions in the interest and for the benefit of our customers.

The entire company has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2002, and Kutzner + Weber has maintained this certification right down to the present day. 


Since the company was first founded, Kutzner + Weber has always believed in the need to 'pull together'. 


Today all Kutzner + Weber employees strive to uphold this quality concept. For Kutzner + Weber, this is an important step for and into the future, and a prerequisite for facing the challenge of international competition.