Implosion Damper IK 250



The implosion damper is used for fireplaces in positive and negative pressure operation in operation in order to make sure that no flue gasses can escape during standard operation. During normal, current-free operation the spring keeps the cover plate closed, if the combustion air damper is closed at the burner due to a blackout, the chimney cannot draw in air through the boiler. 


The "missing" air now returns through the implosion damper. This prevents the so-called Joukowsky shock by immediately opening the cover plate. Practical example: e.g. if the supply air is cut off from the chimney during a sudden blackout the negative pressure in the chimney may contract (warp) the connection pipe.



The Implosion Damper with closed cover flap



The vacuum can be so strong that the exhaust pipe collapses and the system is irreparably damaged.


Because the stall happens immediately, the Implosion Damper must open quickly to allow air flow in the chimney. 


Depending on the system performance more of these valves have to be mounted. Should the boiler go back into service and/or be degraded, the valve closes automatically due to the spring action. The system can resume normal operation again.



The Implosion Damper with open cover flap

Advantages and Solutions


✔  The implosion damper IK 250 is designed for installation in the connection pipe

✔  A T-piece is used for installation

✔  The IK 250 can be installed vertically and horizontally

✔  The assembly set may have to be adjusted to the connection pipe

  Designed for installation in chimneys with positive and negative pressure  


✔  Can be used for all types of fuels

Consequences of an Joukowsky shock


Consequences of an Joukowski shock caused by a sudden increase in pressure (eg explosion) followed by depressurization.